Wet Chemistry

While SCDHIA provides the NIR testing at the Shafter location, all samples requiring wet chemistry are sent to CVAS for analysis.

The NIR2 through NIR5 packages include wet chemistry analysis on selected constituents. For these packages a portion of the ground sample will be sent overnight to CVAS.

Samples requiring only wet chemistry analysis can be shipped directly to Cumberland Valley Analytical Service.

At CVAS the standard battery includes a comprehensive set of tests satisfying most requirements for feed and forage nutrient profile definitions. Tests are performed on all livestock feedstuffs, TMRs, and by-products.

For a complete list and description of each test offered use the following link: http://www.foragelab.com/Lab-Services/Forage-and-Feed/Chemistry

For a price list of all wet chemistry options use the following link: http://www.foragelab.com/Lab-Services/Forage-and-Feed/Price-List/

If you do not see the exact wet chemistry analysis you’re looking for you can contact SCDHIA Forage lab to inquire about its availability.